The classical industrial concrete floor is a common flooring solution in almost all industrial spaces.

The top quartz sand hardens the surface and creates a smooth finish.

But what happens with dust? What happens with dirt and oil stains? What happens with the intense forklift traffic?

Nothing, and this is how problems begin. Dust accumulation, floor cracking and battered looking surfaces create practical and aesthetic issues.

For high demand industrial projects and commercial areas with heavy traffic loading avoid the all-time classic industrial floor. Let us introduce you the new improved version of it. A version based on the cure-hardener-sealer system i.e., strengthen the concrete mass and protect its surface.

After the concrete casting, we apply a cure-hardener agent that forms a membrane barrier against moisture loss. Concrete cures properly and without cracking.

The final surface protection is achieved by an additional sealer material that penetrates deeply into the concrete mass (the penetrating densifier increases concrete’s mechanical strength) and creates a clear coat breathable microfilm that hardens and seal the concrete floor, producing a very hard, dust repellent, chemical resistant and watertight surface.


High performance concrete floors that withstand high abuse (impact, abrasion, chemical exposure)
Stain resistant surfaces
No dust produced
Wet look appearance
UV resistance

The microfilm creates a durable and insoluble bond with the concrete and it will not peel off over time. It can be easily refreshed when necessary.

The final floor surface is polished with diamond heads creating an impressive and long-lasting result.

The new industrial concrete floor is a high-performance floor designed for harsh and intense loading conditions. Forklifts, trucks, heavy footfall will not affect it. It combines several functional characteristics and a spectacular appearance. Its maintenance is easy and relatively low cost.

The above system is a fast drying and in combination with DPK Constructions’ work force we guarantee the lowest time schedule for your projects.


  • Concrete floor polishing at the warehouse facilities of Inox Style Kyriakou, in Aspropirgos, Greece (1.250m2).
  • Concrete floor polishing at the warehouse facilities of Penetron Hellas, in Greece (600m2).
  • Construction of a new concrete floor slab and polishing the final surface at the warehouse facilities of the pharmaceutical company VIANEX, in Athens, Greece.
  • Concrete floor polishing at the industrial complex Αluminium of Greece, in Viotia, Greece.
  • Concrete floor polishing at Apivita, in Markopoulo, Greece (150m2).
  • Industrial concrete floor polishing at Eurochartiki (Endless), in Aspropirgos, Greece (350m2).
  • Concrete floor polishing at the warehouse facilities of Greek Wine Cellars (Kourtakis wines), Greece (250m2).
  • Concrete floor polishing at the warehouse facilities of Bothos-Cleaning Machines, Greece (110m2).

Consulting, on site evaluations

Contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss on site the project that you wish. Our company’s civil engineers and highly trained workforce are always at your disposal, in order to offer various solutions to your projects. Always remember that the initial correct design is the major factor for a problem free future.

Specification writing

There are many challenges when it comes to choosing the right floor for a working area. The most common coating solution is an epoxy paint or an epoxy floor, but is it always the right one? As a leading floor applicator in Greece, we can assist you in choosing the most suitable floor type for your business based on various criteria and custom specifications.

Product and manufacturer recommendations

Our company has a longstanding presence in the construction sector and we have long-lasting collaboration with major material and raw material industries. This allows us to have a spherical view regarding new technologies and materials and therefore, we can offer different value for money solutions.

Presentation of new technologies

We address this proposal mostly to civil engineers, technical offices, architectural offices, designers etc. Contact us and we can arrange a small presentation to inform you about all the latest innovations in the field of flooring industry. We will give you all the key factors of each floor type and show you videos of factual applications.

Flooring samples

The best way to evaluate the floor type that we specify is by visiting some of our oldest projects. Also, we can make a floor sample in the area that you wish and see its behavior under your own special workloads.


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