Stone Carpets floors are a durable, decorative floor solution popular in contemporary design.

They are created by a transparent resin binder and a special mix of sorted stones. The result is a uniform seamless surface that adapts into any space imaginable adding a sophisticated finishing touch. It is a perfect alternative to the old-fashioned carpet, tiles, wood and PVC.

Stone Carpet floors suit perfectly luxurious residential projects, bathrooms, office areas, retails stores, exhibition halls, atriums and commercial buildings. They have high mechanical and chemical resistance and they can be safely applied on concrete, steel and wood substrates.

Both interior and exterior use is recommended.

The sorted stones may be quartz sand, marbles, natural stones, granites and glass all combined in a dazzling array of shades and hues. The binding resinous system depends on the application area. For exterior use, polyurethane resin is selected since it is flexible and does not lose its transparency from the sun radiation. For interior use, epoxy resin is selected. Thanks to a protective coating the final surfaces are sealed preventing future discoloration form dirt and water.

The wide variety in materials, shapes and colors, the different finishings and the flexibility during applications can suit the needs of all customers. Color combinations, logos, special designs and unlimited imagination ensure a tailor-made floor that reflects your taste and personality.

Consulting, on site evaluations

Contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss on site the project that you wish. Our company’s civil engineers and highly trained workforce are always at your disposal, in order to offer various solutions to your projects. Always remember that the initial correct design is the major factor for a problem free future.

Specification writing

There are many challenges when it comes to choosing the right floor for a working area. The most common coating solution is an epoxy paint or an epoxy floor, but is it always the right one? As a leading floor applicator in Greece, we can assist you in choosing the most suitable floor type for your business based on various criteria and custom specifications.

Presentation of new technologies

We address this proposal mostly to civil engineers, technical offices, architectural offices, designers etc. Contact us and we can arrange a small presentation to inform you about all the latest innovations in the field of flooring industry. We will give you all the key factors of each floor type and show you videos of factual applications.

Flooring samples

The best way to evaluate the floor type that we specify is by visiting some of our oldest projects. Also, we can make a floor sample in the area that you wish and see its behavior under your own special workloads.

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