In the past few years there has been a tremendous progress in material technology regarding industrial concrete floors. Materials and techniques are rapidly evolving promising better and better results. Here, in DPK Constructions we try to embrace these new, revolutionary technologies and use them inside the frame of our 30-year-old experience, presenting the optimum solution for every project.

Here, we would like to introduce you the concrete sealers and the concrete guards.

These materials harden and protect the final surface of your concrete floors.

They penetrate deeply into the concrete mass and create a clear coat, breathable micro-membrane that hardens and seals the concrete floor.

The result is a durable, dust repellent, chemical resistant and watertight floor surface. Please note that they are not affected by freeze-thaw circles.

By burnishing the final floor surface, we have an impressive, satin or glossy, finish.

Just think about it. Your floors can become better. Certainly, they can look cleaner and shinier, but they can also become more efficient. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will assess your individual needs and offer you cost-effective, quality solutions for your floor’s restoration.


  • New concrete industrial floors during the construction of the new warehouse facilities of the pharmaceutical company DEMO in Krioneri, Greece.
  • Concrete floor protection in a professional area, in Athens, Greece.

Consulting, on site evaluations

Contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss on site the project that you wish. Our company’s civil engineers and highly trained workforce are always at your disposal, in order to offer various solutions to your projects. Always remember that the initial correct design is the major factor for a problem free future.

Specification writing

There are many challenges when it comes to choosing the right floor for a working area. The most common coating solution is an epoxy paint or an epoxy floor, but is it always the right one? As a leading floor applicator in Greece, we can assist you in choosing the most suitable floor type for your business based on various criteria and custom specifications.

Product and manufacturer recommendations

Our company has a longstanding presence in the construction sector and we have long-lasting collaboration with major material and raw material industries. This allows us to have a spherical view regarding new technologies and materials and therefore, we can offer different value for money solutions.

Presentation of new technologies

We address this proposal mostly to civil engineers, technical offices, architectural offices, designers etc. Contact us and we can arrange a small presentation to inform you about all the latest innovations in the field of flooring industry. We will give you all the key factors of each floor type and show you videos of factual applications.

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