Bush hammered concrete combines aesthetics and practicality.

By using our special state-of-the-art grinding machines, we remove the upper level and fracture aggregates at any exposed concrete surface. The amount of removal can vary significantly from a light scaling to a deep reveal of coarse aggregates, depending on the final result that we wish to have.

It can be applied on indoor and outdoor vertical or horizontal surfaces.

By bush hammering concrete, we add a rough textured finishing that resembles a naturally weathered surface. This creates a wonderfully natural effect in full compliance with contemporary design. At the same time, the roughness adds anti-slip characteristics, therefore it is an ideal solution for outdoor surfaces like pools, pavements etc.

For supreme results, treat the bush hammered surfaces with an appropriate material for densification and dust-proof.

Our company guarantees flawless surfaces with dust free procedures.

Bush hammered concrete

maintain the initial concrete strength  
contemporary design
anti-slip surface
low maintenance cost
long lasting solution


Consulting, on site evaluations

Contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss on site the project that you wish. Our company’s civil engineers and highly trained workforce are always at your disposal, in order to offer various solutions to your projects. Always remember that the initial correct design is the major factor for a problem free future.

Flooring samples

The best way to evaluate the floor type that we specify is by visiting some of our oldest projects. Also, we can make a floor sample in the area that you wish and see its behavior under your own special workloads.


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