The self levelling polished overlays are an alternative version of Terrazzo floors. In this version, the decorative aggregates are noticeably finer so the final surfaces appear to be more homogenous, more subtle but still perfectly and impressively abstract.

Basically, they are self-levelling quick-drying screed compounds based on cement, filler and special additives. They have increased loading capabilities. They are applied at a thickness of 5-40 mm and their drying time is just 3-4 hours.

After application, they can remain in their original form for a more homogenous and natural result, or by increasing grinding time, expose the aggregates for a more “terrazzo” look. The process is completed by diamond polishing the surfaces to create a seamless gloss, satin or mat finish that will last for decades. They can be applied both in indoor and outdoor spaces, with a polished, slip-resistant or even bush-hammered finish.

Self levelling polished overlays are available in numerous color shades and aggregate sizes. The variety in the final finish, creates wonderful transitions allowing the architect’s imagination to create elegant miracles.

They are a wonderful flooring solution for industrial design.

Food for thought …

Durable and hardwearing surfaces
Quick drying times
Good chemical resistance
Water resistant
Minimum maintenance cost
Seamless surfaces
Slip resistant
Indoor and outdoor applications

Specification writing

There are many challenges when it comes to choosing the right floor for a working area. The most common coating solution is an epoxy paint or an epoxy floor, but is it always the right one? As a leading floor applicator in Greece, we can assist you in choosing the most suitable floor type for your business based on various criteria and custom specifications.

Product and manufacturer recommendations

Our company has a longstanding presence in the construction sector and we have long-lasting collaboration with major material and raw material industries. This allows us to have a spherical view regarding new technologies and materials and therefore, we can offer different value for money solutions.

Presentation of new technologies

We address this proposal mostly to civil engineers, technical offices, architectural offices, designers etc. Contact us and we can arrange a small presentation to inform you about all the latest innovations in the field of flooring industry. We will give you all the key factors of each floor type and show you videos of factual applications.

Flooring samples

The best way to evaluate the floor type that we specify is by visiting some of our oldest projects. Also, we can make a floor sample in the area that you wish and see its behavior under your own special workloads.

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