In our long standing presence in the construction field, we have understood that our biggest asset is to embrace new, revolutionary technologies and use them inside the frame of our 30 year old experience. This can be accomplished by combining our competent engineers with our skilled and experienced technicians.

Dpk Constructions invests greatly in ongoing training. By attending seminars and training programs in Greece and abroad we are always up-to-date with the latest technologies in construction and material sectors. However, this is not enough. Theory is always followed by practice. Does this method work in real life? Is this material truly durable under any circumstances?

Especially in the field of industrial concrete floors, technology is continuously and rapidly evolving. New materials and new methods promise greater and greater results. But are they truly effective? In an effort to clarify different materials regarding floor protection, we present you the following categories:

Materials used during casting of the industrial floor concrete.

These are penetrating sealers designed to permanently protect, seal and strengthen concrete. They cure, harden and densify surfaces and they are applied immediately after finishing. They are excellent for commercial and industrial concrete floors that need long lasting protection against heavy wear and abuse, moisture, chemicals, oil, grease and dirt.

Materials used during polishing an industrial concrete floor.

These are impregnating materials, applied after the first stage of concrete polishing. They harden, densify and dust proof the industrial floor. They make concrete more water, stain and abrasion resistant. This leads to easier maintenance with lower cost. They are ideal for polished floors in warehouses, distribution centers, industrial and professional areas, lobbies, supermarkets, museums, showrooms etc.

Materials used on an industrial concrete floor.

These are high performance protective materials. When applied, they form a micro film that hardens and seals the concrete floor, producing a very hard, dust repellent, chemical resistant and water tight surface. By burnishing the final surface we have an impressive (satin or glossy) finish thus combining aesthetics and functionality.

When selecting the proper material for your projects, you have to consider the construction stage and the final budget. Here in Dpk Constructions, we work with our customers to develop a thorough understanding of the individual conditions and then propose cost-effective solutions for their construction, repair and protection needs.

Dpk Constructions is the authorized distributor, in Greece and Cyprus, of :convergent

Convergent Group S.A is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of construction chemicals. Situated in Belgium it formulates and produces products of high technology for the construction industry for more than 15 years. In collaboration with their US partner Convergent Concrete Technologies, they produce environmentally friendly lithium-based products by the name Pentra-Sil designed to enhance concrete performance.

Their client list includes amongst others:

Adobe, Amazon, APPLE, Barclays Arena, Caterpillar, Chrysler, Fedex, GAP, Ikea, LA International Airport, Petco, Pepsi, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Starbuck’s,Target Distribution Centers, US Army Core of Engineers, Utah State University, Volkswagen, Walmart, Wynn Development

Consulting, on site evaluations

Contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss on site the project that you wish. Our company’s civil engineers and highly trained workforce are always at your disposal, in order to offer various solutions to your projects. Always remember that the initial correct design is the major factor for a problem free future.

Specification writing

There are many challenges when it comes to choosing the right floor for a working area. The most common coating solution is an epoxy paint or an epoxy floor, but is it always the right one? As a leading floor applicator in Greece, we can assist you in choosing the most suitable floor type for your business based on various criteria and custom specifications.

Product and manufacturer recommendations

Our company has a longstanding presence in the construction sector and we have long-lasting collaboration with major material and raw material industries. This allows us to have a spherical view regarding new technologies and materials and therefore, we can offer different value for money solutions.

Presentation of new technologies

We address this proposal mostly to civil engineers, technical offices, architectural offices, designers etc. Contact us and we can arrange a small presentation to inform you about all the latest innovations in the field of flooring industry. We will give you all the key factors of each floor type and show you videos of factual applications.

Flooring samples

The best way to evaluate the floor type that we specify is by visiting some of our oldest projects. Also, we can make a floor sample in the area that you wish and see its behavior under your own special workloads.

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